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Delivering high performance situational leadership through first class leadership development training

If you are looking at developing your organisation’s leaders, then we would love to support you.  Maybe your goal is developing your leadership pipeline or your talent pool?  Maybe you need some support with poor performing leaders?  Or maybe you are looking for some expertise to help you assess your future leaders and managers?

We provide leadership development training that creates high performance leaders using an experiential learning, results based approach. There are, of course, countless programmes aimed at developing leaders and leadership skill, but we believe we have an approach that is of a significantly higher calibre than traditional methods. This draws upon our considerable experience of developing leaders across many different organisations to understand what makes high performance leadership and therefore what leadership development training best creates them.

If you want to achieve any of these things then you should speak to us first.  Most of our clients today value the practical “learn and do” results based approach we take to leadership development, which is why they keep coming back to us.  We take a no-frills approach to leadership development training that follows a simple format; we put your leaders through our “situational leadership tasks”, we analyse, with them, how they demonstrated their leadership ability, we coach them to identify the adjustments they need to make to improve the end result, we then repeat the process and see how they’ve changed.  Relating this learning to actual situations at work, your leaders create tangible, results-based action plans that will deliver noticeable improvement.

Our approach to developing leaders may be entrenched in practical application but this doesn’t mean we ignore leadership and other relevant theory.  If we need to use theory, we know you will want it to be for absolute necessity in helping the learning along.  If it doesn’t directly contribute to developing high performance leadership then you won’t find us using it.

High performing leaders create the conditions necessary for their people to thrive and grow, motivating them to want to be more autonomous, whilst retaining a strong sense of collective responsibility.  As leaders they inspire their colleagues to act on their own initiative wisely moving forward with ever increasing effectiveness.  High performance leadership is about knowing how to build and sustain these great relationships and nurture high performance teams.

We can help by developing your managers and leaders into high performance leaders.  We will enable your leaders to make the key connections between their personal leadership attributes and your organisational challenges. This is achieved using an experiential approach, and is supported by a mix of additional development tools such as 1:1 coaching, 360 feedback and psychometrics, the aims of which are to provide a vehicle for self awareness and learning that can be applied to deliver tangible change.

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