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The concept of experiential learning was introduced by David Kolb in the early 80s. We taken this concept and applied our highly commercially focused approach to it.

Say hello to a new kind of team building! A seriously commercially focused team building. The kind that can stave off even the most determined recession.

We use tailor-made outdoor and indoor experiential learning activities that recreate common workplace tasks and behaviours. The activities we use are configured to drive the team to revert to their true type. As the team progress their experiences challenge them to explore how they can become more efficient, saving time, effort and money.

As well as being useful for the individual, Kolb's experiential learning theory talks about a four stage cycle we all go through when learning. We use this learning cycle to create experiences where teams have to undergo all four stages. This means that some elements of an activity will suit certain team members better than others, yet they all still need to achieve as a team regardless of their preference.

Using this style of activity, the teamwill learn what it takes to achieve a heightened state of cohesion, motivation and performance. They will start to identify the tangible ways in which their new performance can influence the things they do at work. The culmination being a targeted commercial action planned based on saving time, reducing cost and improving quality.

The great thing about our approach is that because it is experiential learning, the delegates create the learning for themselves. We facilitate learning, enabling them being able to identify with some clarity where issues exist. They decide what to change and how to implement it. This way they own the solution and have a greater commitment to put it into practice at work.

We recognise that teams may have different challenges to resolve and therefore will need activities that focus on different aspects and behaviours.  Each activity we have lends itself particularly to one or two key learning outcomes such as problem solving, silo behaviour, creative thinking or planning amongst others.  This ensures that a programme of activity is tailored to best meet your team's challenges.

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