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Psychometric Tests, Personality Questionnaires, Aptitude Testing

There are a myriad of psychometric tools available today, some of which have been around for decades and some of which have been around five minutes. Whatever your reasons for considering using psychometrics you need to feel confident that the tool you use will give you the most useful outcome you are looking for.

You might want help in choosing candidates for a role within your business or you may be looking to assess one of your team's potential for senior management or you may just want some answers regarding your own self. Whatever the reason we can help you identify the most appropriate tool to give the best information allowing you to make informed decisions and choices.

The real value of a psychometric is in the way the feedback is given. Choose the wrong person to provide the feedback and you greatly reduce its value. A really effective giver of feedback will identify patterns and nuances in the results that will allow them to explore scenarios with candidates and test the validity of the results. This is only achieved by someone who is not only qualified but also has the ability to read candidates and test the results out as they give the feedback. It's an art, and is the difference between the feedback of data and feedback that "lives".

Tools we use include

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