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Team Building Activities List

Below is a selection of the activities we can provide for team building event.  This is a sample of the range of exercises we have available but is not our full list.  If you have a specific style of activity in mind or want to discuss what else we offer then please do get in touch.

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Developing Teams
The Spiders Web - Team Building Exercise 1
spiders web activityTo safeguard your team, you need to escape through the spider’s web. This game involves passing people through the spider's web without touching the strands of the web.

If you do touch the web, half of your team will be caught and returned to the spider's lair. From there they will have to attempt to re-escape! You get points for successful escapees and extra points if you can predict how many you'll achieve in the alotted time!
Gene Pool - Team Building Exercise 2 are a team of genetic engineers who have discovered that your latest research project has been tampered with and completely muddled up.

Your team must work out how to sort out the mess and then set about moving things around back into their right locations. You must work quickly though as time is against you and the genes will soon perish.
Egg Launch - Team Building Exercise 3
Egg Launch ActivityYour team will be eggstatic with this activity as they face the challenge of building an Egg Launching device from the box of goodies we provide for each team.

The challenge is to see who can build the best launching device to and launch the egg as far as possible. Points will be awarded for the furthest egg with additional points if it remains intact. Eggciting stuff eh!
Minefield - Team Building Exercise 4
Minefield Group ActivityDeep behind enemy lines you, you find yourself in the middle of a minefield. Your only way to survive it to navigate your way through the mines without triggering any detonators.

You will need your wits about you to identify where the mines are and so forge a safe passage for you and the team. Points are awarded for the number of people who survive with extra points if you get the whole team across.
Magic Carpet - Team Building Exercise 6
Magic Carpet ActivityYour village of Damapahoona is under threat of attack from the great Sultan of Chichimihaha. You must flee, but with the village surrounded, how is it possible?

You have heard tell of a great Magic Carpet whose pieces lay hidden within the village. You must rally your people, find the missing pieces in order to recreate the carpet and fly off to safety. The more you complete of the carpet, the more points you are awarded.
Blind Sheep Herding - Team Building Exercise 7
Human Sheep HerdingYou have been asked by your Uncle Gustav, to bring in the sheep as he is unwell and can't manage it. You remember your uncle saying something about his sheep being blind and not liking people.

The sheep will not listen to you if you talk to them, they only respond to sounds. You will need to devise a communication system to direct the sheep if you are to get them into the pen. Points will be awarded for each sheep in the pen.
Tent Build - Team Building Exercise 8
Tent Build ActivityYou've been given the task of putting up the tent for the night and you have your trusty team of scouts with you to help. The only teenie weenie problem you have is that your scouting buddies have never put up a tent before. Oh and they're blind too!

Being the leader, you can't take an active role and will therefore need to direct your trusty team to erect the tent for you. Complete the challenge before nightfall to win your points.
Land Skis - Team Building Exercise 9
Land Skis Group ActivityImagine skiing along, enjoying the snow and wind whistling past your ears! Well now imagine no snow, maybe a gentle breeze and six or seven of you on the same skis!

Yes that's right "Land Skiing", the art of trying to move, whilst laughing uncontrollably, making animal noises and generally acting like complete looneys, whilst racing against another team!
Treasure Island - Team Building Exercise 10
Treasure Island Group ActivityYou're stuck on the wrong side of a river. Sharks, crocodiles, pirahna and a couple of dodgy politicians are licking their lips waiting to devour you should you fall in!

This is a race against time and a test of both brain power and balance power. Find the solution, get your team across as quick as you can and grab the loot! If you can't find the solution I hear bribery works really well!
Tower of Hanoi - Team Building Exercise 11
Tower of Hanoi - Group ActivityThis is a classic problem solving activity. You see before you three columns, one of which has 5 boxes on, each box being smaller than the one it sits on.

Your task is simple really, transfer the boxes from column one to column three. Just remember not to put a bigger box on top of a smaller one. As I said, simple really!
Number Run - Team Building Exercise 12
Number Run - Group ActivityCan you count up to 30 or 50? Did you enjoy "pairs" when you were a child? This is a new twist on the classic kids game that'll have you confused and out of puff if you're not careful!

Within your team, all you need to do is remember a set of numbers that we allocate to you. Nice and easy eh! Then, once we've turned them face down to the ground, you need to remember where your numbers are! Can you remember all of them in the correct order, with no mistakes? Can you beat our all-time best score?
The Great Escape - Team Building Exercise 13
The Great Escape - Group ActivityDid you ever wish you were Steve McQueen riding that motor bike, jumping over barbed wired fences? Well now you can relive the great escape, without a barbed wire fence, or a motorbike for that matter!

You and your team must make it through our electric fence (pretend!) and across to safety without the ground or the fence and setting off the alarm. If you do it's back to the barracks for you!
Building Blocks - Team Building Exercise 14
The Great Escape - Group ActivityA local monument has been destroyed. You and your team have been called in to rebuild it. Some of you will build, whilst others will supervise the activities.

You have plans, you have resources, what more do you need? Just one other thing, this is an important monument so accuracy is essential!
Square Eyes - Team Building Exercise 15
The Great Escape - Group ActivityHow about this for a nice easy activity. All you have to do is create a square using a piece of rope! It's all about measuring and judging distance.

Of course your judgement might be a little tested after we've blindfolded you but we're sure it won't hinder you too much! After all, it's only four sides and corners, how hard can it be!

Our Midlands team building venue is easily accessible for businesses in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Nottinghamshire and across the West Midlands.

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