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Facilitated Team Development

When performance is suffering or there are issues getting in the way of a team performing effectively, it can have a big impact of their results.  At this point something needs to be done to effect a change.

We have many years of experience in facilitating team development events that deliver tangible performance improvement.  Similar in nature to our team building events, they involve the use of business challenges and activities to provoke reviews of performance and address things that need to change.  The difference with team development is our focus on facilitating business outcomes.

Before we run this type of event, we will want to spend time with you really understanding what the problems are and the root cause to these problems.  We are likely to spend some time talking to the team affected to understand their perspective.  Once we have gained a good insight into the business, the team and the challenge, we’ll design a solution tailored to meet your goal.

In designing your event we will match you to one of our experienced business facilitators who will design and run your event.  It is important to us that we meet your goal and so our event programmes are a guide.  If, when running your event, circumstances arise that tell us that we need to go in a different direction or deal with a specific issue we know you’ll trust us to make this call on your behalf. Our ability to flex and respond to situations at the time is one reason why clients come back, again and again.

Why use this approach over others

There is an abundance of research that shows people achieve faster and more memorable learning through experiences.  It is around 5 times more effective than classroom-based learning.  In an activity, if you do something great, it’s there for everyone to see, it’s hard to dispute.  Likewise, when things go wrong, it is often clear to see why and again, hard to dispute.

Activities allow a high degree of practice, review and then re-practice.  This enables delegates to see immediately the effects of changes in their approach.

All of the activities we use involve doing the same things people do at work.  All that has changed is the context of the challenge.  Also, the removal of hierarchy, phones, e-mails allows the team to completely focus on their performance and act on a level playing field.

What else can we do for you?

At some of our sites we can offer you overnight accommodation.  We can offer catering in a variety of options at all our sites.  We can even arrange to have your event photographed or videoed so you can relive your event over and over again.  There isn’t much we can’t sort with a bit of notice!

To discuss your requirements with us, you can call us or complete our enquiry form and we’ll call you.

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Developing Teams

Our Midlands team building venue is easily accessible for businesses in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Nottinghamshire and across the West Midlands.

Spirit Consulting Group | 27 Forest Edge Way | Burton Upon Trent | Staffordshire | DE13 0PQ | UK
Tel: +44 (0)1283 535562 | Email: