Thoughts on Grads

Experience vs Ability

Time Served vs Ability Served

Years ago, as a graduate joining a firm, you were expected to follow quite a traditional route. You worked in various departments, served your time doing things you liked and disliked and then at some point your experience would be sufficient to get you promoted.

These days, it is not uncommon to see a graduate propelled into more senior roles because they are hardworking, committed and can do a good job. Opportunity is the new career path mantra.

Is seniority without the experience and wisdom however, the smart thing to do? Many a good company has been taken down at the hands of a young adventurer without the wisdom to understand the impact. There is a balance to be had between "Opportunity & Ability", we just need to be aware of it before over-promoting.

Geeks vs Cool Dudes

Geeks & Cool Dudes

We all remember the cool kids from school. The ones who always got the girl or boy. The ones who always got picked for teams and to lead things. The geeks....well they just ensured that the corner of the room and the shadows were occupied. And yet, some geeks are so cool! They have the best of both worlds, cool and clever!

Social adeptness and emotional awareness are vital skills for graduates, especially in their first few years in the organisation. To start with, they lack the experience and credibility to just be cool. So they have to learn and earn it. Teach them relationship management, networking, social influence skills.

These skills may just help them become the cool kid, who is geeky enough to be credible too.

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What people say about us.

  • I can't believe the transformation in myself in just three days. Even my kids have noticed the changes in me......for the better. Thank you for all you support and encouragement!

    JayneElectrical Retailer
  • I've been on lots of these tree hugging courses before, but I can honestly say this was the best and by far, most useful course I've ever attended. Hope to see you again!

    GeoffPharmaceutical Research
  • I was really apprehensive about attending the programme, but I can't believe it went so quick! I didn't want to leave it was that enjoyable. Hats off to Andy and the team, just brilliant!

    AmandaProfessional Services
  • The one to one coaching has done more for my career in six months than in the last 15yrs. I can't thank you enough. There is now a little Andy that lives in my head acting as my guide!

    MartinSmall Research Business
  • I've used countless training companies before, but none have come close to the level of rigor and effort you put into your programmes. I look forward to a great working friendship.

    GeenaInternational Sales Distributor
  • Our conferences are normally in swish hotels abroad where we are wined and dined. I would trade them everytime for another couple of days with you guys doing the activities in the woods. It was so much more useful!

    JustineCosmetics Distributor
  • I don't like change and I can be a stubborn git when I feel like it. Never has anyone told me to my face and done it in a way that totally made me want to change. Either you're a magician or an alien! Thanks again!

    TrevorMechanical Engineering Manufacturer
  • Thank you for a wonderful few days. It was great to meet new colleagues, break down those international silos and to learn a few things about myself too. Hope you'll do something in Germany soon!

    ViktorPower Generation